New York | Kelly


So in celebration of Kelly's birthday today, a blog post in her honor!

I had been reading stalking Kelly's blog for some time.  I love all the scrapbooking and new-york-lovin she does on her blog.  When I went to New York in January I visited the restaurants she talked about on her blog, like the Mermaid Inn.  (It was delicious.)  She seemed like a such a fun person from what I read on her blog that I reached out to her on that January New York trip to see if she'd be interested in a photoshoot.  And she was!  Her enthusiasm was very exciting for me.  We took a short walk around Madison Square Park, snapping some pictures of her, then headed to starbucks for a chat.  (Fun!) Then headed back over to the park for some night shots.

Oh it was such a fun time!  Kelly was such a joy to photograph and so interesting to talk to.

Here's her take on the shoot!